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Customer Relations

Sidirostal S.A. has experienced a tremendous growth over the last 30 years. Nowadays we are one of the leaders of our industry. Our main concern will always be customer satisfaction. Due to our loge experience we offer high quality services in the best prices in the Greek market.

Instant Responsiveness

We offer incomparable customer service through both our experience in the industry and the hard work and dedication of our employees. In addition, the specialized feasibility study has made a vast improvement on the time needed to complete an order. Finally, we have invested in 5 new trucks to enable the immediate delivery of orders to our customers.


All our orders come with quality certification. Our facilities and machinery guarantee that the cut, bend and storage of rebars complies with Greek rebar standards. Please see our suppliers’ website for more information regarding the quality and characteristics of our products.


Our business is founded on the following principles: prompt customer service, the fulfilment of our promises, and direct contact with our customers.


Our reliability is guaranteed through both the long-lasting and trustworthy relationship we have with our suppliers and our constantly expanding client base.

Competitive Prices

We guarantee the best market prices.


We can supply our products at competitive wholesale prices and deliver them instantly to our clients. Our products all meet quality certification standards.