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Our new operating facilities were designed by a mechanical engineer specialized in the organization of industrial activities.

So the new facilities of Sidirostal S.A. offer:

The safe, continuous and comfortable steel manufacturing.

• The growth of the every day production to 150 t/day.

• The safe and fast distribution of our products to anyplace in Greece.

6 new bridge cranes

10 new mesh bending machines.

8 bar bending and stirrup machines.

3 arc producing machines.

1 weigh-bridge

12 mechanical shearing machines, which are used for the cutting of reinforcing steel bars.

1 electronically operated shearing machine (ROBOT) which can produce 80 tones of reinforcing bars per day.

Sidirostal commissioned a civil engineer who specializes in the organization of industrial installations to design our new facilities. These new facilities and machinery contribute to the accurate and efficient cut and configuration of steel, and allow us to offer the following:

• A well-organized and efficient working environment for several rebar teams.
• A safe working environment for employees.
• Ready-to-use cut steel of any cross section (8mm-25mm) and length (2m-6m) at any time. This is possible due to our fully automatic metal cutting machine, which reduces the time that an order takes to be delivered. This saves our clients both time and money, as our operating cost is less.
• We have also conducted a specialized feasibility study to reduce the working hours needed for the execution of a project.