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Our Company

Our company operates in the market of reinforcing steel bars and other construction materials since 1984. Grigorios Bourdalas, the founder and CEO of Sidirostal S.A. offered the know-how and the experience on the early steps of the company. From 1984 till 1999 the company was operating in an area of 2200 m2 in Metamorfosi (Athens, Greece).

The basic policy of our company from its early steps is the provision of the best possible services to our customers and the continuous investments in the renovation of our assets. Following this policy Sidirostal S.A. has a continuously growing customer list and an impressive investment cost every year.

On 1998 the company changes its entity and starts to operate as a limited company. One year later Sidirostal S.A. invests 1M € and purchases an area of 6000 m2 in the industrial area of Metamorphosi. On that area the company constructs its new operating facilities which consist of :

• 12 mechanical shearing machines, which are used for the cutting of reinforcing steel bars.
• 8 bar bending and stirrup machines.
• 10 new mesh bending machines.
• 3 arc producing machines.
• 1 electronically operated shearing machine (ROBOT) which can produce 80 tones of reinforcing bars per day.
• 1 weigh-bridge (16m x 3m).
• 6 new bridge cranes

The objectives of the above are:

The continuous and comfortable work under any climatic conditions.

The growth of the every day production to 150 t/day.

The safe and fast distribution of our products to anyplace in Greece.

Sidirostal S.A has made an impressive progress during the last 30 years and has managed to become on the leading companies of its kind. The most important asset that our company has achieved these last 30 years, is the trust of its customers.